Welcome to 'Nano Drone: Building & Flying' - your gateway to the fascinating world of miniature UAVs. In this course, you'll learn to construct and pilot these agile marvels, mastering the art of miniaturized drone technology. Get ready to take flight and explore the possibilities of nano-sized aerial exploration!
  • History of drones
  • What are drones, UAV, UAS, RPAS
  • Understand the different types of multi-rotor drones
  • Understand the different types of fixed wing drones
  • Flight physics and meteorology 
  • Flight Teminologies
  • Princlples of drone flight and controls
  • Nato phonetic alphabet
  • Understand the roles of propellers, motors, flight controller, ESC in drone flight.
  • Understand the use of LiPo batteries and their use.
  • Installing ground control station
  • Mounting the flight controller
  • Flight controller wiring connections
  • Copter flight modes
  • Connect ESCs and motors
  • Loading firmware to boards
  • Radio control calibration
  • Accelerometer calibration
  • Compass calibration
  • Flight mode configuration
  • ESC calibration
  • Types of Failsafes

  • Pre-arm safety checks
  • Tips for new pilots
  • Pre flight checklist copter
  • Arming the motor


Dev Shah

Founder, CEO

A drone designer with a deep understanding of drone ecosystem in India. I’m an alumnus of V.J.T.I. and I hold a Master of Technology degree in Electronics. I’ve been working deeply on drone circuits and structural designs since 6 years.

Shloka DP

Shloka Hajare

Head of Operations

An Aerospace Engineer with drone designing experience of 4 years. Having worked as an Operation Manager and Design Engineer. I excel in planning, drafting, documenting strategies, and procedures.