"Unlock the full potential of your drone expertise with our course, 'Monetize Your Drone Knowledge.' Learn how to turn your passion for drones into a profitable venture, from offering drone services and consulting to marketing your aerial skills. Get ready to soar to new heights in the world of drone entrepreneurship."
  • History of drones
  • What are drones, UAV, UAS, RPAS
  • Understand the different types of multi-rotor drones
  • Understand the different types of fixed wing drones
  • Flight physics and meteorology 
  • Flight Teminologies
  • Princlples of drone flight and controls
  • Nato phonetic alphabet
  • Understand the roles of propellers, motors, flight controller, ESC in drone flight.
  • Understand the use of LiPo batteries and their use.
  • Installing ground control station
  • Mounting the flight controller
  • Flight controller wiring connections
  • Copter flight modes
  • Connect ESCs and motors
  • Loading firmware to boards
  • Radio control calibration
  • Accelerometer calibration
  • Compass calibration
  • Flight mode configuration
  • ESC calibration
  • Types of Failsafes

  • Pre-arm safety checks
  • Tips for new pilots
  • Pre flight checklist copter
  • Arming the motor


Dev Shah

Founder, CEO

A drone designer with a deep understanding of drone ecosystem in India. I’m an alumnus of V.J.T.I. and I hold a Master of Technology degree in Electronics. I’ve been working deeply on drone circuits and structural designs since 6 years.

Shloka DP

Shloka Hajare

Head of Operations

An Aerospace Engineer with drone designing experience of 4 years. Having worked as an Operation Manager and Design Engineer. I excel in planning, drafting, documenting strategies, and procedures.