Learn Drone Making

For students as well as professionals

About This Masterclass

Unlock the power of technology with our hands-on Drone Making Masterclass! In this program, students will dive into the exciting world of building and flying their own drones, fostering curiosity and technical skills in a fun, interactive environment. Elevate learning experience on the thrilling journey of technology and aviation.
  • History of drones.
  • What are drones, UAV, UAS, RPAS.
  • Understand the different types of multi-rotor drones.
  • Understand the different types of fixed wing drones.
  • Flight physics.
  • Flight Terminologies.
  • Principles of drone flight.
  • Fundamentals of drone maneuvers.
  • Understand the roles of remote controller, GPS, propellers, motors, flight controller, ESC in a drone.
  • Understand the types of LiPo / Li-ion batteries and their uses.
  • Know about payloads and camera.
  • Learn about drone rules in India.
  • Tips for flying a drone.
  • Mounting the flight controller.
  • Flight controller wiring connections.
  • Copter flight modes.
  • Connect ESCs and motors.
  • Radio control calibration.
  • Accelerometer calibration.
  • Compass calibration.
  • Pre-arm safety checks.
  • Pre flight checklist.
  • Arming the motor.
  • Flying the drone!


Dev Shah

Dev Shah

Founder, CEO

Hi Students! I’m Dev Shah, a drone designer and the founder of Skyforce Innovations PVT LTD. With a Master’s in Electronics from V.J.T.I. and as a DGCA certified drone pilot, I’ve delved deep into drone circuits and structural designs. With six years of experience, I lead Skyforce in manufacturing drones for civil and defense sectors, alongside contributing to drone education. Join me on a journey where innovation and technology converge in the dynamic realm of drones, as Skyforce Innovations spearheads advancements in the industry.

Shloka DP

Shloka Hajare

Head of Operations

Hello young aviators, I am Shloka Hajare, Head of Operations at Skyforce Innovations Pvt. Ltd. I graduated as an Aerospace Engineer and I have four years of experience in designing and integrating drones in the civil as well as defense landscapes. With the responsibility of operations, I have insights into the intricacies of all the verticals of designing and manufacturing drones in the ecosystem. I excel in planning, drafting, and documenting strategies, and procedures. So get ready to embark on a journey of relentless pursuit in the drone industry!