Drone Building Course

The Complete Guide

About this course

Dive into the world of drones with our comprehensive 'Drone Building Course,' this is the ultimate guide and one-stop solution for hands-on drone assembly. Uncover the essentials of drone building like calibration, sensor integration, and mission planning. From the basics of METAR and NATO phonetic to advanced drone modes, this course covers it all. Fly your creation with confidence after completing this comprehensive program, designed to turn enthusiasts into skilled drone builders. Check below topics for more details.
  • History of Drones
  • Authorities for drones in India 
  • What are drones, UAV, UAS, RPAS
  • Physics of drones
  • Flight mechanics of drones
  • Different types of multi-rotor designs
  • Different types of fixed wing drone designs
  • Hybrid drones
  • Categories of drones
  • Classification of drones
  • Radio Telemetry
  • Meteorology 
  • Applications of drones in different industries
  • Design philosophy of drones
  • Types of drone frames 
  • Functions of flight controllers and their types
  • Functions of ESCs, motors, propellers, PDBs
  • Different types of batteries 
  • Payloads and sensors including camera
  • Drones rules in India 
  • Changes in regulations over the years 
  • Introduction to DigitalSky platform 
  • Functional demonstration of DigitalSky 
  • Dos and Don’ts of flight
  • Introduction to ground station 
  • Ground station software installation
  • Ground station software features
  • Tools for assembly
  • Assembly precautions 
  • Wiring connections for flight controller
  • Component connections 
  • Radio controller binding 
  • Battery charging and installation
  • Sensors and actuators integration
  • Maintenance checks
  • Installation of firmware on flight controller
  • Copter flight modes
  • Radio control calibration
  • Accelerometer calibration
  • Compass calibration
  • Flight mode configuration
  • ESC calibration
  • Types of failsafes
  • Geofencing 
  • Preflight postflight processing  
  • Flight precautions 


Dev Shah

Founder, CEO

Hi Students! I’m Dev Shah, a drone designer and the founder of Skyforce Innovations PVT LTD. With a Master’s in Electronics from V.J.T.I. and as a DGCA certified drone pilot, I’ve delved deep into drone circuits and structural designs. With six years of experience, I lead Skyforce in manufacturing drones for civil and defense sectors, alongside contributing to drone education. Join me on a journey where innovation and technology converge in the dynamic realm of drones, as Skyforce Innovations spearheads advancements in the industry.

Shloka DP

Shloka Hajare

Head of Operations

Hello young aviators, I am Shloka Hajare, Head of Operations at Skyforce Innovations Pvt. Ltd. I graduated as an Aerospace Engineer and I have four years of experience in designing and integrating drones in the civil as well as defense landscapes. With the responsibility of operations, I have insights into the intricacies of all the verticals of designing and manufacturing drones in the ecosystem. I excel in planning, drafting, and documenting strategies, and procedures. So get ready to embark on a journey of relentless pursuit in the drone industry!